Monday, January 24, 2011

Welcome to Eat Well Beijing

Let's do this together! Jennie gave us a great kickstart with her lesson last week. Here's my proposal:

Each week we'll ask three people to post a snack and dinner plan that is healthy, whole, and (may I add) MOSTLY meat-free. The idea is that we'd love to try new ideas, give suggestions and rate our best recipes. Let's share resources, ideas and excitement as we feed our families healthy, good food!

Looking forward to getting inspired with each of you!



  1. Hi All,

    I'm really excited about this blog Rebecca set up. I look forward to enjoy not only the recipes, but good ideas, especially from Rebecca, Michelle and Jennie. I feel blessed that you three came to Beijing at this time to share with us what you know. Feel free to share your tidbits with us to help us figure out how to eat better and change our habits.



  2. AMEN to Julia's Comments!


  3. Since you have posted a recipe with quinoa, my power of deductive reasoning tells me quinoa must be available in Beijing? Can you tell me where this, and other alternative grains are available there?